My Zoom is authenticated but now I can't log on with my Google Account!

Posted by Laura Garbutt on 10/22/2020

Zoom Meet

  • This has been a popular issue this week!

    I have consistently seen students try to log on to the first screen they see when they go to

    You have to scroll down to the section that says "Sign in with Google".

    Here are a few steps to ensure success!

    • First -Logout out of your Google and Zoom (WEB)accounts including the desktop app if you are using it. Restarting your computer is always a bonus!
  • Next open Chrome and logon to Google using your bps-schools account
  • Open a new tab and go to
  • Click sign in - (top right corner)

This step is very important- After you click sign in,  

Do not sign in at the top of the page- 
No Signin!

- you have to SCROLL DOWN to "Sign in with Google"

Sign in with Google

  •  Login using you bps-schools account
  • Once logged in you should see your profile in the top right Corner- Click it and you should see your bps-schools logon and LICENSED. If you see that you are good to go!
  • Open the Zoom desktop app if you are using it and login to that too!

This should take care of your Zoom issues! If not please contact Mrs. G at: