Lap Top Hand-Out

Laptop Roll-Out

Last week we started our Student Laptop -Roll Out! We were able to hand out laptops to over 5oo students! The students who did not pick one up, did not have their AUP form. Those students, please make sure (even if you filled out the Google form) your parents sign the form below and bring it to Mrs. Garbutt in the Media Center.

Students can then come to the Media Center with the form to pick up their laptop either on Wednesday, September 7th or on Friday, September 9th before school (7:30am), or during REC. Please read below for more information.


* STUDENTS  MAY NOT USE computers or bring their own devices until this agreement is signed and returned to Mrs. Garbutt in the Media Center.
All students must return a signed Acceptable Use Agreement to receive a laptop or to use their own devices in school.