eFunds for Schools

Seaholm Maple Leaf  eFunds for Schools 

How do to I pay for any fees that I may need to pay?

 This is a separate program from the Infosnap registration system and will require a separate login and password.

You will need your student(s) id number(s) to link to your children’s names and fee options. Id number(s) can be found on your student’s id card and/or report card. Another source is when you are completing the on-line registration.

 To create an account or to login to an existing account, visit: https://payments.efundsforschools.com/v3/districts/56264. Once on the eFunds for Schools homepage, the links for to “Create An Account” or to “Login” are half way down on the left. Please print your eFunds receipt and have your student bring to registration on August 21, 22 or late registration.

 Will there be fees associated with using e-Funds?

 There is a small convenience fee associated with each payment: $1.00 for using your checking/savings account information (direct ACH), and $2.65 (per $100) for using your credit/debit card.

Your student will need to bring the efunds receipt with them to registration.