2016 Summer read

The Cat Who went into the Closet

by Lilian Jackson Braun Year Published: 1993 Mystery-Murder

In The Cat Who Wasn't There, Qwill is persuaded by his beloved companion, Polly Duncan, to join a group tour of Scotland. Although he expects to revel in his Scottish heritage, Qwill must try to keep Polly safe from the Pickax Prowler. Instead, his trip is cut short when a thief swipes a suitcase, the bus driver disappears, and a fellow tourist is found dead - all on the same day. The remaining tour members return to Pickax, where Qwill has other worries on his mind: Who is the fellow still following Polly? In The Cat Who Went into the Closet, Qwill rents Euphonia Gage's mansion in Pickax, which includes fifteen closets jammed with several generations of junk. Koko begins investigating and discovers obsolete currency, canceled checks, an old bankbook, nail clippers, foot powder and a man's argyle sock. Meantime, while enjoying a new life in Florida, the mansion's former occupant apparently commits suicide. But why would someone as happy as Euphonia kill herself? In The Cat Who Came to Breakfast, the development of a major resort complex at the southern end of serene Pear Island (affectionately known as Breakfast Island) is causing a ruckus. Local residents, summer people, and mainland fishermen are all hopping mad that the peace of their island retreat is being shattered. Then a cabin cruiser explodes in the marina, causing general alarm. And when a series of deadly "accidents" follows on the heels of the mysterious explosion, Qwilleran begins to wonder if sabotage is involved.  

                                                        -Goodreads, 2016