Does the school provide bus transportation to away games?

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Sometimes. BPS provides transportation for some contests.  If transportation is not provided, parents choose the method of transportation for their kids.  They might allow their kids to drive or ride with others, or they might prefer to drive their own students.

  • The runs are often one-way busses.   We do this because we almost always have enough parents at the games to bring their students home.  We used to have empty busses rolling back to Seaholm, and most parents appreciate the ability to bring their student straight home.
  • Round trip busses are typically scheduled when circumstances like distance, game time, game location (relative to the school site) and other factors make it prudent.
  • When we have double or triple headers, we often schedule a bus for the freshman or JV team when there is an early game time.  In many of those cases, we do not schedule a separate bus for the older teams.  Those players can ride to the game with the freshman.  Coaches can determine how to handle this their programs.
  • Example: We have a freshman, JV and varsity triple header at Troy Athens.  The freshman game is 4 PM.  You will see a bus listed for the freshman team.  For the JV and Varsity, the listing will indicate “Bus with Freshman.”  The JV and Varsity teams could ride that bus too.  If you prefer to have your JV or Varsity players meet at Athens at the appropriate time, simply communicate that to your parents and players.  The bus is then still an option for anyone who does not have a ride at the later time. 
  • Typically, we do not provide any busses for contests that are close to Seaholm.
  • Typically, we do not provide any busses on weekends.
  • There are several factors considered when determining transportation including the game time, location, other runs that day and more.

 The bus schedule is visible online.  This provides a way for you and your teams to double check at any time.  Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the calendar and then click on any away contest on the schedule.
  3. A window will pop up with basic contest information.
  4. Under the Transportation Details section, you will see the bus information.